Kevin Porter Jr. has been excellent at point guard for Houston in recent weeks, but the swing variable could be Jalen Green. It’s the first DPOY award for Smart, who is the first guard to take home the honor since Gary Payton in the 1995-96 season. Payton was on hand at the Celtics practice facility Monday to give Smart the award. Some chose to give explanations for each answer, while some gave explanations for some answers, and some gave no explanations at all. Here are former Vice President Joe Biden’s answers, in full, updated in October 2020. Click on each question below to see answers and any additional comments. The bills were designed to prevent states from adopting egregious voter suppression laws, to eliminate partisan and racial gerrymandering, and to make elections more transparent by requiring “dark money” organizations to disclose their donors (see campaign finance; campaign finance laws). If Iran moves back into compliance with its nuclear obligations, I will reenter the JCPOA as a starting point and work with our allies in Europe and other world powers to make the deal longer and stronger.

It would be paid for by rolling back many of the Trump tax cuts to corporations and ending subsidies for fossil fuels. The law included, among other measures, one-time payments for lower- and middle-income Americans; extended unemployment benefits; an expanded child tax credit; financial aid to state and local governments, schools, and childcare providers; housing … Read more